photo credit: Knud Adams

Press About Me Performing:

Tom & Eliza
by Celine Song, directed by Knud Adams
Feb 2016 at JACK

Bent is heavenly. She is magnetizing as a performer, drawing you in with every smirk and line. Eliza Bent is a star on the rise.”
Theater in the Now

“The always fantastic Eliza Bent delivers Eliza’s monologues on book burning with hilarious deadpan, until her emotions start bubbling to the surface, making a case that the fires she creates are not necessarily about the books at all.”
New York Theatre Review

Eliza Bent … has an unfailingly graceful simplicity and pitch perfect timing. You can watch her do anything, or nothing at all, and she will manage to surprise and to alarm you.”
Theater Is Easy

Toilet Fire
by me and directed by Kevin Laibson
Nov 2015 at Abrons Arts Center

photo credit: Jim R. Moore / Vaude_Visuals

photo credit: Jim R. Moore / Vaude_Visuals

“Both as a performance artist and a wry confessor, Bent makes an impression. She’s this generation’s answer to Amy Sedaris: frank, weird and immensely likable.”
Time Out New York (Critic’s Pick)

Bent is a hilarious physical comic in addition to a clever, detailed writer, and clearly relishes each character’s idiosyncrasies.”
New York Theatre Review

Bent’s performance is understandably comedic but also tremendously convincing in dialect and sensitive characterizations ranging from a fashionable Italian woman to a bearded old man with a collection plate, to a nuanced Jewish woman from Long Island.”
Theater Is Easy




Seagull (Thinking of You)
written and directed by Tina Satter

photo credit: ilan bachrach

photo credit: ilan bachrach

Eliza Bent and Jess Barbagello are standouts as pseudo versions of Masha and Treplev.” – The New Yorker full text

“…curtains flutter as a grumpy Masha (Eliza Bent) cruises by on a skateboard.” – Time Out New York full text

“Masha (Eliza Bent), in a fur hat and long Victorian lace gown, looks at once china doll and Williamsburg thrift shop, gliding across the stage on a skateboard, or pulling out a mike and breaking into a lite metal tune, in Russian.” – New York Theatre Review full text









Gonna See a Movie Called Gunga Din
directed by Mark Sitko with Van Cougar
2012 at the Bushwick Starr

Eliza Bent underplays a saintly real-life Air Force general nicely through a pair of lengthy monologues.”—Eric Grode, New York Times [link]

Eliza Bent (a TONY contributor) does a lovely job delivering a general’s tale,”—Helen Shaw, Time Out New York [link]

“… and the best among these is Eliza Bent‘s terrific monologue.”—the L magazine

Family (Half Straddle)


“The company is full to the brim with killer talent: Coltish Eliza Bent does her arch “I’m not performing” shtick as one of Frarajaca’s dance-team buddies…”—Helen Shaw, Time Out New York

Babes in Toyland
directed by Michael Levinton with Little Lord


babes in toyland

“Tuner’s bit players frequently shine, as well — Eliza Bent swerves onto the stage just before the show ends as Svetlana, Qveen of Chrrristmas, a character who benefits immeasurably from the Ukrainian hooker vibe Bent gives her.”—Variety

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