Sometimes I am involved with COMMERCIAL things.

Gerber Grow Up Plan
I play a single mom here…
I play a professional here and also do the VO at the end of the spot

More Gerber Outtakes

I Am Not You
A PSA inspired from the aftermath of the 2011 Tuscon, AZ shootings

Hewlett Packard
I play a cynical younger sister teenager here

And here I am as a Long Island neighbor spec
The Coney Island Polar Swim on Jan. ,1 2012 provided the perfect backdrop for this spec
[link to come]

Sometimes I am involved in THEATRE things.

Seagull (Thinking of You) w/ Half Straddle


Here are some other videos just for FUN.

Fake Songs
These are some bad fake songs

Blue Wizard/Black Wizard at Prelude ’12
A mini showing of a show

Toilet Time with Eliza Bent
A mini show I did at Dixon Place

for password email me

Preview to Half Straddle rap
Check out the hot pink baseball hat I wear

Place Stamp Here
I wear a hip dress with shoulder pads in this

Marlo Thomas
Asks if I do any impressions.
Note my receptionist and soccer mom!
Scroll down to watch video


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