American Theatre magazine

I freelance for American Theatre magazine where I used to be senior editor.

Some favorite articles include:

The Next Big Thing
A profile of Under the Radar’s Meiyin Wang (May/June 2013)

Moving On In
Playwright residencies sprouting up across the U.S. (Mar 2013)

Cost Effective
Pig Iron Theatre Company and Japan’s cheltfitsch’s Zero Cost House

The Americans Are Coming!
feature about American theatre companies that tour abroad (May/June 2011)

Sam Gold on the High Wire
an interview with the director (Nov. 2011)

Catching the Next Big Thing
I spent a week following around Under the Radar’s Mark Russell (Jan. 2011)

Thomas Bradshaw: Being earnest is of the utmost imporance
a feature examining the humor in playwright Thomas Bradshaw’s work (Oct. 2010)

To Be Added:
the introduction to the Jan. 2012 training issue about assisting

she's a senior editor too!

she’s a senior editor too!


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